Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition

Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition



Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition
Shoutout: Black Art Exhibition

S C R A N T O N , P A – First Friday November; A night filled with food, fellowship and entertainment. The Black Scranton Project organized its first successful event. Last Friday artists and residents throughout Scranton gathered to celebrate black art. A socially-engaged exhibition that brought attention to overlooked figures both in a historical context and a social response to the usual First Friday arts scene. Shoutout: Black Ark Exhibition was a group exhibition of emerging local Artists of Color curated by the Black Scranton Project. Installed in the Raymond Hood Room of the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple, brought together brilliantly talented artists who are deserving of a more in-depth platform than typically given.

The lukewarm movement toward inclusivity in this city continues to never incorporate those who have been excluded. However, this enriching first of its kind event in the city of Scranton was a successful presentation that summoned a crowd of at least 100 attendees. The exhibition’s archival display presented candid reminders of black excellence and contested histories while exhuming buried stories that have been waiting to be told. Only with the expansion of notions of black identity can true creative freedom come.

Blackness is not a monolith.


“The question of whether or not a Black artist can make art that isn’t racialized resolves itself when we look at the art made by Black People.”


Special Shoutout to Justene Bartkowski, for capturing this groundbreaking event.


Black Scranton Project ©



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